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Scoop of hops

All of our hogs are fed a healthy diet supplemented with spent hops sourced from our favorite local breweries. The hops naturally provide antioxidants, fiber, and trace minerals that help reduce oxidative stress, support immune function, and promote an overall vitality in our hogs. The hops add nutritional diversity that contribute to a more balanced and varied diet, and aids in fat distribution to enhance the overall flavor of the pork.

Our collaboration with local breweries also provide sustainable waste utilization. By repurposing this byproduct, we are reducing the overall environmental impact and have created a mutually beneficial relationship between the farmers and the breweries. 

Purchasing Options:

Hogs will be 300 lbs. at the time of processing and will yield approx. 200 lbs. of meat. ​Meat will be delivered frozen approx. 2-3 weeks after processing. 


Cuts include:

• Chops

• Ribs

• Shoulder

• Butt

• Bacon

• Sausage

Sausage Flavors:

• Bratwurst

• Chorizo

• Spicy Italian

• Sweet Italian

• Breakfast Sausage

• Maple Sausage


• Linguiça 

• Andouille 

Order Inquiry

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Whole Processed Hog: $1400
 Half Hog: $750
(Custom Cut, Wrapped & Flash Frozen) 

Brewery Partners:

Carlsbad Brewing
Lampost Pizza
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