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Sunshine Gardens
Cammar Family


Richard Campbell began his nursery career at the Monrovia Nursery Company, in Monrovia, CA in 1947.  

In 1954, he was hired to manage The Begonia Farm in Palos Verdes. With his wife and kids working along side him, it officially became the "family business".

In 1963, he bought land in "The Flower Capital of the World", and moved his family to Encinitas.


In 1972 his son Ron opened Sunshine Gardens (retail) and his son Dick opened CAM-MAR Growers (wholesale), both located in Encinitas. They both stayed in the industry and continued to run the businesses until well after his passing in 2001.

In 1994, his son Dick purchased an avocado grove in Oceanside (the site of Campbell Ranch Farms), and started selling wholesale avocados, but due to the California drought and rising water costs, the avocados became unsustainable and were eventually replaced with greenhouses.


Today, the Campbell Ranch Farm land grows everything from palm trees to poinsettias. We have added a poultry farm, hogs, cows, goats, sheep, and everything you would expect from a local farm. Farmstays and Farmstand coming soon! 


The farm is now run by the 3rd and 4th generation Campbells, Dick's children and grandchildren.  

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